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Electrocution Accident Fatalities

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Electrocution Accident Fatalities Attorney:
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Electricity is powerful and extremely dangerous. When electricity is poorly handled due to negligence or defects in an electrical product, electrocution deaths can occur. At the nationwide wrongful death law firm of Greenberg Stone and Urbano our AV-rated* law firm helps families understand how an electrocution accident happened, and we help families hold the responsible parties accountable.

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Electrocution deaths can happen anywhere electricity is used. The sooner our wrongful death attorneys get involved, the sooner we can begin our investigation into the possible causes of electrocution accident fatalities and who might be responsible.

  • Tree trimmers or utility workers in bucket trucks (cherry picker trucks) may strike a live power line and receive a fatal jolt of electricity. Sometimes the wrong equipment, like an uninsulated bucket, may also play a part in the fatal electrical accident.
  • Manufacturing defects and improper maintenance can lead to grounding wire failure in home appliances and workplace equipment which can cause electrical burns or fatal electrocution.
  • On construction sites, wiring is often temporary but it must also be safe. After a fatal construction electrical wiring accident, important questions must be asked. Was the wiring done improperly? Was too high a load placed on the wiring? Were frayed wires in contact with water, metal or chemicals?
  • Athletic practice fields can be dangerous when lightning is present. Coaches are responsible for clearing the field when lives are threatened by lightning strikes.

Who Has Responsibility for Electrocution Deaths?

Manufacturers of electrical appliances and equipment are responsible for ensuring that the wiring in their products is properly installed and safe. Electricians at a work site or in a home are responsible for the safe installation of wiring. Employers bear responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment. School districts have an obligation to keep students out of unsafe situations.

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Proving fault in electrocution fatality cases is a complex process that requires investigation of several potentially responsible parties. With assistance from a nationwide network of associate local law firms, the trial lawyers of Greenberg & Stone serve the needs of grieving families across the country who seek justice after an electrocution death. We have immediate appointments available — discuss your concerns and get answers to your questions about your legal options. Call (888) 893-9846 or contact us online.

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