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Former West Palm Beach Physician Ordered to Pay $36.6 Million

Andrew Weiss, the former pain management physician who is currently serving a 12-year federal prison sentence for the illegal distribution of prescription drugs, was recently dealt another significant legal blow. The jury in a medical malpractice case has ordered him to pay $36.6 million to a former patient.

Kathleen Ramey received treatment from Weiss in September 2000 in the wake of a serious automobile accident. Unfortunately, this treatment included an improperly administered steroid injection that left Ramey with a litany of injuries, including an atrophied right arm, limited mobility and a four-inch hole in her spinal cord.

According to the lawsuit, Ramey felt numbness after receiving the injection but was informed by Weiss that she was fine. When she returned to him several days later in a worsened condition, he stated that she may have suffered a heart attack.

Physicians at the hospital later discovered the degeneration of her spinal cord caused by Weiss’ improper injection.

Ramey now suffers from constant pain and will eventually have to use a wheelchair. While she will more than likely be unable to recover any of the medical malpractice verdict from Weiss, she can now pursue payment from his insurance company.

Weiss’ medical license has been revoked.

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