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Dangerous Products

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Manufacturers, distributors and retailers whose defective products cause product liability deaths should be held accountable. Consumers and businesses purchase products in good faith, believing the products are safe for their intended uses. Unfortunately, many products contain manufacturing or design defects that can lead to severe injuries.

Manufacturers may not be the only culpable parties when someone suffers a product liability death. During our investigation of your case, we will explore all possible avenues of recovery and consider the roles played by distributors, retailers and others in contributing to the harm caused. If you feel that a dangerous product caused the death of a loved one, talk to a wrongful death lawyer about a product liability claim.

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The AV-rated* law firm of Greenberg Stone and Urbano, handles defective product and wrongful death cases nationwide with assistance from qualified local counsel. When dangerous products kill innocent people, we are prepared to put our energy and resources to work helping the families of product liability death victims. It is imperative that an investigation into the causes of the accident begin as soon as possible. Defective product liability cases are extremely complex and often require the input of experts across a wide array of professions. Greenberg & Stone is prepared to work with product safety engineers, medical professionals and various industry specialists to fully understand your case.

  • Cars should be designed for safety, but when our car accident investigation shows evidence of defective auto parts (failed seat belts, defective air bags, dangerous tires) or an uncrashworthy auto design, our attorneys seek to hold manufacturers accountable.
  • Commercial and private airplanes and helicopters and all their component parts should be reasonably safe before the aircraft is sold and put to use. When people in the aircraft and on the ground are killed in a crash, our investigation will seek all liable parties.
  • When unsafe industrial equipment, such as presses, saws, farm equipment and construction equipment, causes someone’s death, our product liability lawyers will work with experts to investigate what happened and why.
  • Pharmaceutical companies often take a drug to market with full knowledge that there are questions about safety. If a loved one has died after taking a defective prescription drug, talk to a product liability attorney at Greenberg & Stone.
  • Salmonella poisoning and other tainted food problems are typically caused by manufacturers that do not adhere to well-established safety standards required by law. If a loved one died because of an unsafe food product, contact our law firm.

Fight Back Against Companies That Put Profits Before Safety

Manufacturers know that they cannot sell defective products. When someone suffers a product liability death, the family of the deceased may have a claim against the product’s manufacturer, distributor, retailer and other parties. A product liability lawsuit holds manufacturers, retailers, designers and other parties responsible for the deaths they cause. Product liability lawsuits also help prevent future deaths. Greenberg & Stone has immediate consultations available. Contact us online or call (888) 893-9846.

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