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Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian Fatalities

Fatal Car Accident Attorney

Fatal Pedestrian, Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accident Attorney:
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Did someone else’s negligence cause a fatal car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian accident? When a loved one dies because of someone else’s negligence, you may have a wrongful death claim. At Greenberg Stone and Urbano we help families learn what caused fatal car accidents and seek compensation for the loss of their loved ones.

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When you choose us to represent you after a fatal car accident, we will begin an immediate investigation to determine how the fatal auto accident occurred. Our attorneys and investigators will examine the accident from every angle to determine all potential accident causes and all responsible parties.

  • Did a truck or car driver fail to see a motorcycle and turn in front of it? Did a car turn a corner without checking for a pedestrian? Our fatal truck accident reconstruction experts can help determine what happened.
  • Was your loved one in a car that was not crashworthy? Every car or truck should be able to withstand a specific amount of force from an impact. A roof-crush accident or a rollover accident can be directly related to a vehicle’s design. A car’s improper design or unsafe nature can be one of the most important factors in a fatal car accident.
  • Did component parts of a vehicle fail and cause the fatal car accident? Improper vehicle design or maintenance may have caused the failure of a seat belt, air bag, brakes or other parts.
  • Did the road or highway design cause the fatal car accident? A failure to meet state or federal safety requirements can cause dangerous highways. When roads and highways are not maintained properly, dangerous conditions such as potholes, visibility-blocking foliage, bad signage and poor construction markings can cause fatal car accidents.

It Is Important to Determine All Causes of a Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident

At the AV-rated* wrongful death law firm of Greenberg & Stone, our wrongful death lawyers leave no stone unturned in investigating fatal car accidents because we know how important it is to maximize compensation for your family. At this early stage, after a fatal motorcycle accident, fatal pedestrian accident or other fatal motor vehicle accident, you may not even realize what the future needs of your family may be. Our attorneys fight for you and your family to have the compensation you need to go forward with your lives.

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The fatal car accident attorneys at Greenberg & Stone have defended the rights of surviving family members with energy, compassion and a drive to succeed. We have appointments available at your convenience and our lawyers can take immediate action to preserve evidence and interview witnesses. File your wrongful death claim before the deadline in the state where you will bring the action. We represent clients directly and we work with a network of qualified attorneys nationwide.

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