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What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need for a Wrongful Death Case?

Personal Injury Lawyers Handle Wrongful Death Cases

Personal injury lawyers handle wrongful death cases. However, not all personal injury attorneys have the resources or experience to represent families in wrongful death cases.

Wrongful death lawsuits are a specialized subset of personal injury law, requiring a specific type of advocacy. A wrongful death attorney should have an in-depth understanding of wrongful death statutes, understand how to calculate the total economic losses associated with an untimely death, and know how to translate a family’s loss from cold financial facts into a compelling story that tells the true tale of how a family has suffered after losing one of its members.

Greenberg Stone and Urbano is a nationwide wrongful death law firm whose trial attorneys offer more than 60 years of combined experience litigating wrongful death lawsuits after fatal accidents on the road, in hospitals, at home and elsewhere. Our legal team is deeply committed to representing the needs of families who have lost loved ones due to the negligence or intentional wrongdoing of others. We use all our legal skill to accomplish fair financial compensation for each family we represent.

Get More Information About Wrongful Death Cases

Over the decades, we have learned which questions are most urgent for families who are considering filing wrongful death cases. In this FAQ section, our trial lawyers provide answers to some of these questions, including:

If you have questions about a recent death in your own family, we encourage you to speak with a lawyer at our nationwide wrongful death law firm.

Greenberg & Stone is an AV-rated* law firm that uses strategic advocacy services combined with a deeply compassionate approach and personalized attention. Our wrongful death lawyers are able to offer attentive legal representation nationwide with the assistance of our nationwide network of local associate law firms.

Find out how our approach can work for your family — regardless of where you live and where the incident occurred. Call toll free (888) 893-9846. Your family does not have to face the future alone.

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