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Wrongful Death Law Firm Overview

Wrongful death is a terrible burden for every member of the family. In addition to dealing with your grief and wanting answers, you may feel pressured by insurance companies, employers and others to sign documents and “put this behind you.” We know it isn’t that easy. You have a life to live — a life without the companionship and support, both financial and emotional, of a loved one.

If Your Loved One Died a Wrongful Death, Contact Our Law Firm Free Consultation “Contingency Fee” (888) 893-9846

Since 1979, Greenberg, Stone & Urbano has helped the families of wrongful death victims. For 30 years, we have searched for and found the answers families need. Equally important, our attorneys have held those who cause a wrongful death financially accountable for their negligence.

  • There will be no attorneys’ fees unless we recover compensation. Your family does not need any additional expenses right now. At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, we accept all cases on a contingency fee basis. That means we will not be paid unless you are paid. You can have dedicated, experienced legal services without having to think about the cost.
  • We take the time to help you through the trauma of wrongful death. You have a lot of issues to deal with right now and our lawyers want to help. We help our clients with funeral arrangements, with notifications and with estate issues. Like you, we want to assure the victim’s wishes and concerns are respected.
  • Our wrongful death investigations are thorough and complete. We have a nationwide network of experts we can call upon. We review 911 tapes, interview witnesses, examine medical records. Our attorneys know how important this case is to you and your family.
Car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian
Boating deaths, drowning
Medical malpractice Fatal construction accidents
Electrocution accident fatalities Drunk driver accident fatalities
Dangerous products Negligent security
Pharmacy error deaths

You do not have to deal with the confusion and questions of wrongful death alone. Our law firm and our attorneys will stand by you and help you find the answers and compensation you need and deserve. Contact us from any part of America. We want to help.

Learn more about our law firm by reviewing the many awards, peer review ratings and other forms of professional recognition our attorneys have received.

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